Do I need a referral from a doctor for therapy?

No. You can refer yourself by simply calling. While some clients are directly referred (i.e. through their doctor, community agency) a referral is not required. When I receive a referral from a source that is not the direct client, I would contact the client to assess their interest and motivation for service. Children and adolescents are most often referred by their parents/guardians and I require that people in the family system are aware of and partake in the therapeutic process as required based on the child/adolescent’s specific needs.

What can I expect when meeting with my therapist for the initial appointment?

During the initial session(s), I gather information from the client and or their family pertaining to the presenting concern (e.g. what brings you to counselling, how long have you been dealing with the issue, what contributes to the problem, etc.) and work towards developing a trusting relationship. Subsequent sessions focus on helping the client gain a better understanding of their emotional and behavioural patterns, developing problem-solving strategies, and work towards shifting the person in order to meet their goals.

Do parents need to consent for children's counselling?

Both parents/legal guardians are required to consent to counselling services unless sole custody has been awarded. I request that the parent requesting the services and attending with the child inform the other parent and provide my details. 

That being said, children 12 years and older are often able to make informed decisions about their health and consent to counselling without parent involvement.

Are your services covered?

Please see information on this website pertaining to rates and insurance.

Are your services confidential?

Prior to starting counselling services I review confidentiality with my clients.

The law protects the relationship between a client and a therapist, and information cannot be disclosed without written permission.

Exceptions include:

Do you provide services for people involved in legal proceedings?

My involvement in your treatment will be strictly limited to the provision of counselling. Thus, I am ethically unable to participate in dual roles, such as acting on your behalf in legal proceedings, including to testify in court, whether in person or by affidavit. Please let me know if you require such services and I can make a referral to an additional and/or appropriate professional to meet your needs. 

If you are involved in any legal proceedings, you agree that neither you, nor the lawyer, nor anyone else acting on your behalf, will call on me to testify in court or at any other proceeding, nor request disclosure of your counselling records, nor refer in any court filing to anything I have said or done.

Such agreement may not prevent a judge from requiring my testimony, even though I will work to prevent such an event, including reviewing with you the potential risks in doing so. If I am required, I will provide information as needed and only when appropriate release forms are signed or the court order is provided. As your therapist, I am ethically bound not to give my opinion or recommendations about any legal proceeding decisions. If I am required to appear as a witness, the party responsible for my participation will reimburse my fees that will be set in accordance with the nature of the service involved.

What is your communicable disease / COVID 19 policy?

See my COVID 19 policy here.